making moves

We have officially been in our new home for almost three weeks. All the boxes are unpacked, pictures are hung, and we have added a new addition to our family, a dog. Camilla arrived a little after a week from our move and has made herself right at home. She is a rescue, so we are not quite certain what breed/mix she is, but we love her dearly and cannot imagine our life without her anymore.

I had an ambitious goal of finalizing all our paperwork and sending in our foster care application about a week after we moved in; that did not come to fruition. The stress of a big move, the learning curve of moving in the opposite direction of our daily activities, and just the sheer amount of paperwork left to do, made my self-proclaimed deadline whiz right by me.

The good news is, Justin and I got it done! On Monday, P helped me take our sealed application and paperwork to the post office. Before we mailed our application, we sat at the table as a family and prayed. We prayed that we all would experience patience, willingness, and open hearts as we continue on this journey. We prayed for all the persons that would touch our application; that their dedication, stewardship, and passion would be blessed.

And now? I do not know, honestly. I guess, we wait. I sent an email to our contact person to let him know that our application was mailed and asking what steps I could expect next. I am hoping to hear back from him soon with some more details as to what the coming weeks and months look like for us. I will admit, my focus has completely shifted to preparing our spare bedroom and trying to figure out what supplies I should start collecting now. We are willing to foster children from infancy to four years old, male or female; quite a big spectrum of possible things we will need in our home.

We covet your prayers. We seek advice and/or suggestions from anyone who has walked this path ahead of us. If you do not hear from us for awhile, you can probably find me on Pinterest looking at ideas for our spare bedroom and Justin begrudgingly but lovingly making projects for that room that I think would “just be perfect.”



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