four days

It has been quite a bit of time since we last posted. I guess it’s about time for an update.

Within four days of announcing that we were on the journey to become foster parents, we were presented with the opportunity to move to Justin’s grandfathers old home. In our original post, we discussed the issue we were facing of not being able to move forward with our foster care application due to our apartment not being suitable for another child and a home study. I am still amazed at how God works. Four days. FOUR DAYS.

When we were presented with this opportunity, Justin and I sat and stared at each other for quite awhile. Honestly, it was a scary opportunity. We would be moving from our first home that we shared together as a family. We would be moving to a different county where all of our daily activities are in the opposite direction. We knew that this move would mean that we would be pushing forward, sooner than expected, with our foster care application. So, we sat. And stared. Waiting for the other to make the first move.

As I sit writing this, my house is full of packed moving boxes. My walls are bare. My oven is basically inaccessible due to the mountain of things in front of it. And we are moving to our new home in exactly nine days. These past few months have been full of making changes to our new home; painting, flooring, making changes that will aid us in our home study. It has been exhausting and thrilling all at once. It is a new chapter in our life together and a step forward on our journey towards becoming foster parents.

Since our move date is quickly approaching, we have been dedicating extreme amounts of time towards the application process. I have just finished a four hour Mandatory Reporting training and test course, which Justin is just beginning. We have six clearances being processed, appointments made for our FBI fingerprinting and background check, and approximately fourteen photocopies to make. Basically, we need to photocopy our entire life. A water well check? Thank goodness that my father-in-law knew what I needed, because I certainty did not.

Sometime within the next two-three weeks, we are hoping to have our application submitted. We are unaware of how long it will take for our application to be reviewed and, hopefully, approved. Once approved, we should be assigned a case worker and have our first home study scheduled. Things are moving. Fast.

This evening we had to make selections on what situations we are, or are not, comfortable with when it comes to accepting a child into our home. It was a very new and strange experience for the both of us. We do not want to exclude any child from the love we are able to extend, but we also want to be conscious as to what we are equipped to handle. It was a reality check for us. Of where we are, of the weight of our decisions, and a honest discussion of things we both agreed on and places where we had differing opinions or viewpoints.

So, here we are. The end of the application process is in sight. The journey is still long, but our next checkpoint is within reach. We are looking forward to what the coming weeks and months hold. But for now, I’ve got photocopies to make.



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