who are we?

Some of you may know us; some of you may think you know us; and some of you might not really care to know us. Either way, read on, or move on.

We live in a small town outside of Philadelphia, PA. Justin and I met online in 2013; while dating, we discovered that we had been in the same Kindergarten class growing up and had many mutual friends during High School. It took the power of algorithms and pure chance to bring us together, but we can’t imagine life without each other.

P is currently in his second year of preschool and simply loving life. He is four (more like going on fourteen) and has Severe Speech Apraxia, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Food Allergies. I could write a book on the experiences we have gone through just in the short four years of his life, but I digress.

Justin is currently attending Graduate School full-time while working as a Carpenter for his family-owned home remodeling business. Justin’s grad studies are in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psych. He hasn’t given up the idea of getting his Doctorate yet! I manage a family-owned coffee shop and spend most of my time running P to therapy and school. I’ll make a kick-butt crockpot meal every once in a blue moon, too.

We spend most of our free time building blanket forts, hanging out in a wood shed making things with our hands, and building relationships with our amazing friends. Justin and I prefer to think of each other as best friends; some people think it’s silly to have a best friend for a spouse, but for Justin and I, it is how we formed our relationship and it is how we intend to have our relationship last.

Not pictured in our “family photo” are our two cats. I loathe cats. At least I thought I did. I always considered myself a dog person. Justin on the other hand, is a cat-lady trapped in the body of a man. We have a cat named Claire (named after Claire from House of Cards) who truly acts like a dog. Claire follows me around, sleeps under the covers every night, and needs as much attention as a typical dog. Cuddi (named after Dr. Cuddi from House) is our stereotypical cat. I can go hours without seeing him or knowing where he is, he turns into an insane maniac after 8pm, and his breath smells like fish. I also could write about experiencing life with these cats, but I doubt that too many people would want to read about it. It would consist of canned, wet food, cat litter tracked throughout my house, and sandpaper kisses. Eh.

Our life isn’t glamorous or unique. It isn’t perfect or enviable. Our life just works. For us. We have days where we bicker amongst ourselves. We have days where we barely see one another. Days where we go on spur of the moment adventures. Days where we make popcorn and watch a movie under the blankets. Days where the laundry never seems to end and peanut butter and jelly is for dinner. These few paragraphs barely scratch the surface of who we are as a family; but it is a glance through the keyhole into our life together.

Speaking of those “once in a blue moon, kick-butt crockpot meals,” I’ve got venison chili hanging out in the crockpot that needs to be stirred.




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